Employee Consultation

We value the contribution our employees make to the overall success of our business.  We recognise that we have a very talented team and we welcome their input and involvement.  Towards the end of 2007 we worked with our employees and ACAS (an independent employee relations advisory body) to set up an employee consultation forum.

With a formal constitution now in place, the Be Heard Forum gives elected employees the opportunity to be involved in shaping some of the Company's decisions.

The forum is split into two groups to best represent the different needs and circumstances of our office based and site based employees.  Representatives from each forum meet at least four times a year to be consulted on a range of issues - particularly those that may have an impact on employees.

The forum is an effective way of communicating policy changes, giving everyone a chance to be heard.

More recently the groups have been heavily involved in the introduction of random testing to our Drugs and Alcohol Policy. The representatives have helped communicate the changes as well as review the policy and feedback on employee concerns.