Our Environment

This strand of our CR programme, 'Our Environment', refers to our responsibility for the environment at a local and global level. It covers our commitment to take proactive steps to minimise any negative impacts and to ensure we capitalise on opportunities to make a positive environmental difference.

2015 saw another pleasing year for improvements with regards to measuring our environmental impact and identifying areas where we have the most opportunity to make a positive impact - incident reporting was up significantly on 2014 (from 1682 to 2543). This is a 55-fold increase since 2007, and shows a great increase in environmental awareness.

Together with establishing and working towards clear objectives and targets for environmental performance, we have reviewed and built upon our Environmental Management procedures and further developed our processes too.

2015 saw continued work go into accurately measuring and reporting on the waste we generate. Our Buying Department has continued to work closely with our waste management suppliers to achieve accurate monthly figures. The company target is to maintain a diversion rate of waste from landfill of over 90%. We achieved this in 2015, diverting over 99% of waste from landfill, including ‘muck away’.

Full details on our waste calculations are available here. 

Our ISO accredited Environmental Management System (EMS) is designed to help us continuously improve our environmental performance.  Our Environmental Policy describes the principal elements of our EMS and demonstrates our commitment to effective environmental management.  The policy also describes the arrangements and procedures for environmental control and provides the basis for a systematic and uniform approach to the management of environmental issues.

In 2015 we achieved our highest ever environmental score in the UVDB Verify Audit, which assesses our environmental management system and procedures on site. Our on site and management system audits both scored 100% - significantly higher than the national average and scores the business is rightly proud of. We also retained our ISO 14001 accreditation, receiving extremely positive comments from the auditor.

JN Bentley was also delighted to achieve Platinum Status in Business in the Community's Environment Index - scoring 97%. The score places us among the very top performing companies in the UK, and marks an improvement on our performance in 2014.  Details can be found here