Environmental Policy

“Our Company vision is to achieve ZERO environmental incidents or legal breaches on all of our projects and at all of our premises.” 

The Operational Boards of Directors of JN Bentley Ltd (JNB) Mott MacDonald Bentley Ltd (MMB) and JBA Bentley Ltd (JBAB) commit to continually improve the protection of the Environment and prevention of pollution. The Companies are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of their activities, and believe that effective stewardship of both the natural and built environments is essential for sustainable business.

To support this statement, in 2016/17 JNB, MMB and JBAB will continue to develop, review and where necessary revise the Environmental element of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and supporting documents with the specific aims of: 

  • Identifying, mitigating and continuously monitoring the environmental aspects and impacts at both corporate and project level;
  • Supporting the improvement of the understanding and consideration of statutory and other obligations sufficiently early in projects to minimise delays and avoid environmental incidents or breaches;
  • Ensuring the consideration of environmental issues in the existing risk assessment and method statement process;
  • Complying with the specific legal and other requirements to which the Organisations subscribe which relate to Environmental impact. 

In addition we will:

  • Publish internal indicators for pollution, waste management and fuel / energy consumption to the Operational Boards of Directors with regular performance against target updates
  • Revise the current Environmental Awareness training including a review of its training matrix criteria 
  • Continue to improve the environmental knowledge of our operational teams through revised Awareness Training 
  • Identify, communicate and celebrate examples of Environmental good practice within the company
  • Develop and communicate guidance on the key environmental business risk areas of Pollution Prevention, Waste Management and Ecology & Mitigation 
  • Increase the number of dedicated Environmental Inspections undertaken within the business
  • Continue to seek methods to improve upon our waste diversion from landfill rate of over 90%
  • Continue to monitor and report energy use and CO2e arising from our operations 
  • Continue to monitor and report fuel use in Company vehicles and investigate methods by which journey times and distances can be reduced and efficiency improved 
  • Continue to improve the level of environmental incident reporting and broaden the range of persons reporting 

The JNB Engineering Director, assisted by the JNB QES Manager will: 

  • Monitor compliance with this Environmental Policy;
  • Ensure the outcome of investigations into environmental incidents and near misses are appropriately communicated so as to prevent recurrence.

All JNB, MMB and JBAB employees working on JNB, MMB or JBAB projects will: 

  • Be required to follow the Integrated QES Management System (BIMS);  
  • Report all environmental incidents and near misses so as to prevent recurrence within the Company.


JNB, MMB and JBAB will: 

  • Operate and maintain an Integrated QES Management System that accords with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, maintaining third party accreditation to that standard;
  • Ensure all employees and subcontracted personnel are sufficiently trained, experienced and, where applicable, supervised to a standard sufficient to minimise harm to the natural and built environments;
  • Monitor procedural compliance via periodic QES Inspections and compliance audits with Board meeting compliance review
  • Ensure corrective actions where deficiencies are highlighted.
  • Provide a framework for the annual management review for setting and reviewing environmental objectives 

Paul Bentley, Managing Director
July 2016