Sponsorship & Community Investment Criteria

Whilst not exclusive, when considering whether to offer support, JN Bentley will particularly look for organisations or initiatives which are, or have the potential to be:

  • focused in a community in which JN Bentley operates;
  • aligned with the business purpose (construction services);
  • aligned with JN Bentley’s corporate community investment objectives;
  • an opportunity for JN Bentley employees to actively participate through volunteering, fundraising, awareness raising or donating;
  • aligned to the business purpose or corporate objectives of key clients or partners which may be supported through a collaborative partnership.

In addition, employees of JN Bentley, and key JN Bentley contacts within a client or partner organisation may request support for the following:

  • their own sponsorship and fundraising activities for registered charities and not-for-profit community organisations subject to the considerations below;
  • registered charities and not-for-profit community organisations for which they volunteer in their own time;
  • fundraising activity for the purpose of purchasing the materials required to complete company organised volunteering activities (JN Bentley employees only).



JN Bentley will not normally consider community investment requests for support from


  • seeking sponsorship or community investment support for any personal activity (charitable or otherwise) unless they are an employee of JN Bentley or a key JN Bentley contact within a client or partner organisation; or 
  • who are employees of JN Bentley, its clients or partners for any event which is deemed to have an unacceptable level of unmanageable risk such as extreme or ‘free’ sports.


  • which are political or religious organisations; profit making businesses; or any organisation recorded on the Bank of England Sanctions List;
  • which do not have a UK registered charity number unless they are instead registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a not-for-profit community organisation; or
  • which cannot clearly outline the nature of the work that JN Bentley’s funding would support.



If an application is received that does not fit the criteria it is likely to be declined.  However, the board of Directors at JN Bentley and Mott MacDonald Bentley may occasionally award donations on a discretionary basis if they consider it appropriate.