Equal Opportunities Statement

This information is intended only as a statement of Company Policy.  It does not form part of any individual contracts of employment or otherwise have any contractual or legal effect.

The Company is an equal opportunities employer, which means that the Company is committed to a policy of treating all its employees and job applicants equally.

The Company does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant on grounds of (including, but not limited to) their race or colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, sex, marital status, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability.

Where complaints of unlawful discrimination are made, the Company will investigate these and take the appropriate steps in light of such investigation, in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy. 

The Policy applies to all employees, contractors and workers, employed or engaged by the Company.

The Director of Personnel shall have prime responsibility for implementing and monitoring the Policy and any queries relating to equal opportunities issues should be referred to him.

All employees are personally responsible for applying the Company's Policy and for not discriminating against another employee or potential employee.  Managers are also responsible for ensuring that neither they, nor employees reporting to them, unlawfully or unfairly discriminate against existing or prospective employees.