At JN Bentley we’re committed to our vision to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients, but we know that we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without the ongoing help and support from our supply chain partners. 

Although we pride ourselves on having significant in-house capability, we often look to strengthen our team further through subcontractor support for specific projects.

Any company we subcontract becomes an essential part of the project team and as such, we demand the same high standards we expect from our own Staff.  We use Constructionline as our prequalification assessment tool, and then conduct regular Performance Reports to ensure subcontractors are meeting the high standards we expect when working together. 

The performance reviews we conduct assess a range of significant capabilities of all our subcontractors. The criteria are as follows:

  • quality of product/workmanship
  • communication/level of services
  • timeliness of delivery/programme
  • attention to health and safety issues
  • attention to environmental issues
  • innovation/design ideas
  • submission of method statements/risk assessments (quality of these)
  • submission of test certificates (quality of these)
  • invoicing/application for payment
  • changes to order (flexibility and price management)

In the majority of cases, we’re delighted to report that our suppliers not only meet these standards, but exceed them.  However, we’re always looking for continuous improvement and occasionally raise the minimum standards expected in order to drive improvements, particularly in safety issues for example.  An overview of our subcontractor performance is available here.

We have recently changed our process for the recognition of high performance subcontractors.

We now complete a league table which outlines the top 25% high performing subcontractors based on our performance reviews. Each subcontractor is recognised within this 25%, along with three other performance categories (seen below):

  • Below average (above acceptable): companies that achieve a score of below 2.0 are recognised as below average. In this instance advice will be offered to suppliers to try and encourage the improvement of future operations in terms of performance.
  • Better than good: companies that achieve a score of 2.0 or above recieve this recognition.
  • Top 25%: companies that achieve a score above 2:0 and between 1:0 will make it into this category.

Suatainability and continuous improvement is important within this industry; therefore this is always communicated to all our subcontract suppliers.  We are delighted to send out a letter to each of them confirming their status with a certificate of achievement.