Corporate Responsibility

Our purpose defines who we are and how we do business. The nature of our work as a civil engineering and construction company means that we enter new environments and communities every day so we therefore have a responsibility to contribute positively to the people and places we work with.

JN Bentley Ltd

Our purpose is defined as Engineering Sustainable Outcomes, using four categories or ‘strands’ to help explain this approach to being a responsible business:

Our Shareholder

by delivering shareholder value with sustainable returns in order to secure the long-term viability of the company.

Our People

by creating a fun workplace where people have a voice, are safe, reach their potential, prosper and where rewards are shared. We are committed to our Health and Safety strategy and our vision of achieving zero injuries and instances of work related ill health.

Our Customers and Community

by safely delivering best value, innovative, sustainable solutions and enhancing the communities in which we work. We continue to use our Cost and Efficiency Strategy to promote initiatives across the business – working to the principle that everything we do adds value. We encourage staff to add value to the communities in which we work by giving our skills, time and expertise.

Our Environment

by using our expertise to be respectful to our planet and its resources. Our vision is to achieve zero environmental incidents and legal breaches.

Engineering is at the core of the service that we provide to our customers. 

A Sustainable Outcome for us is one that is sustainable economically, environmentally and with respect to our relationships with the shareholder, employees, customers and community.  Being sustainable always means striving to improve. 

Effort is important, but results are what matter to all our stakeholders.  That is why our purpose places the focus on Outcomes

Business in the Community 

JN Bentley has been a member of Business in the Community since 2008 and we continue to work closely with them to develop and refine our CR programme.