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Progress on health and safety...If I cannot do it safely, I will not do it...

At the end of 2010 the Company's first Safety Strategy came to its conclusion. The Safety Strategy 2007-2010 was based on recommendations from The British Safety Council and Dupont, who evaluated health and safety at JN Bentley, in both systematic and cultural terms.

Aimed at reducing injury numbers with an ultimate goal of zero, the strategy has been a resounding success in driving a marked improvement in health and safety performance, demonstrating that a focused plan is essential.


Golden Rules

Undoubtedly one of the most successful elements of the strategy has been the introduction of the 10 Golden Rules. In particular, the focus on reporting all incidents and near misses is helping us to learn and prevent recurrence and the adoption of daily Morning Briefings allows us to better pre-empt any issues that may arise. The resulting increase in near miss reporting since the start of the strategy is a fantastic indicator of our improving safety culture.

Click here to download a copy of the 10 Golden Rules.


Health and Safety Strategy 2010+

JN Bentley has now rolled-out its Health and Safety Strategy 2010+, which builds on and improves what the company is already doing.

DuPont and the British Safety Council have provided us with suggestions, which have been added to some excellent ideas generated internally, particular from our employee-led Integral Leadership and Regional Safety Groups.

The themes of the new strategy are:

  • Personal responsibility for health and safety; and
  • Active involvement in health and safety. 


Personal Safety Responsibilities

We have introduced each and every employee to their new Personal Safety Responsibility.  These set out exactly what actions are expected and what standards of behaviour are required in order to attain the company’s overall goal of zero injuries. 

Refreshed Operational Safety Standards, which support the Personal Safety Responsibilities, were also issued.  Each Operational Safety Standard focuses on the minimum standards for specific tasks and activities.


If I cannot do it safely, I will not do it

The Health and Safety Strategy 2010+ reinforces our aim to bring everyone to the same view that if a job cannot be done safely, then we will not do it.  This is a simple but critical message that underpins our vision of achieving zero injuries in our workplace.