Quality Policy

 “Our Company Purpose is Engineering Sustainable Outcomes for our Shareholder, People, Customers, Community and for the Environment.”

The Operational Board of Directors of JN Bentley Ltd (JNB) Mott MacDonald Bentley Ltd (MMB) and JBA Bentley (JBAB) is committed to effective Quality Management throughout all design and construction processes and believes that high quality service and workmanship are the key to sustainable business development. To achieve this the Company commits sufficient resources to projects to actively control and monitor all visual, physical and technical quality aspects, with the aim of delivering ‘Right First Time’ to the standard expected by our clients.

To support this statement, in 2016/17 JNB, MMB and JBAB will:

  • Further develop its suite of quality procedures and documents including: 
    • Reviewing existing procedures to make them more user friendly 
    • Identify areas of the business that requires documented procedures and instigating their development
    • Effectively communicating changes and additions to procedures
    • Review our training and induction provisions specifically relating to procedural compliance
  • Continue to monitor compliance through audit to drive improvement
  • Maintain our focus on driving cost and efficiency in every facet of our business
  • Maintain our investigation close out of commercial incidents to ensure learning is embedded in the business 
  • Develop our existing director intervention process to manage key risks facing the business


The JNB Engineering Director assisted by the BRPC Steering Group and the JNB QES Manager will: 

  • Monitor compliance with the Quality Policy and Systems.


All JNB, MMB and JBAB employees working on JNB, MMB or JBAB projects will:

  • Follow the requirements of the  appropriate management system for their project/framework;
  • Report and communicate all quality defects and non-compliances so as to prevent recurrence within the Company. 


JNB, MMB and JBAB will:

  • Operate and maintain an Integrated QES Management System that accords with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, maintaining third party accreditation to that standard;
  • Ensure all employees and subcontracted personnel are sufficiently trained, experienced and, where applicable, supervised to a standard sufficient to be able to demonstrate competence in relation to quality;
  • Monitor compliance via periodic QES Inspections and compliance audits.  Compliance will be reviewed at board meetings and at the annual management review;
  • Take corrective actions where deficiencies are highlighted. 
  • Provide a framework from the annual management review for setting and reviewing quality objectives. 


Paul Bentley, Managing Director

July 2016