Renewable Energy Scheme:  
Client:   Yorkshire Water

At Grimwith, water is released from the reservoir to the River Dibb for abstraction downstream. Energy was being lost and offered an opportunity for energy recovery/generation from a turbine at the point of discharge.


Our feasibility study identified that the available head and flow from Grimwith Reservoir had capacity to generate up to 500kW of renewable energy, but unfortunately the local electrical distribution network didnít have the capacity to allow the installation of a 500kW hydro-turbine.

The cost of upgrading the network would have made it uneconomical, so we recommended installing a 250kW Francis Turbine within a chamber next to the control building at the reservoir instead.  This recovers energy from the water before it discharges into the River Dibb. 

The below table provides some brief details of the scheme:

Turbine 250kW Francis Turbine
Annual Energy Generated 1400 MWh
Available Flow 20 - 120 Ml / d
Available Head 41 - 48m

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