Linton Falls

Renewable Energy Scheme:  Linton Falls
Client:   Linton Falls Hydroelectric Power Company Ltd

JN Bentley has constructed this hydropower project in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales at Linton Falls.  This unique scheme, which has generated a lot of media attention, was completed in the Autumn of 2011. 

Having firmly established ourselves in water, waste and industrial building markets, JN Bentley is using Linton Falls and other projects in the hydropower sector to increase its presence in the renewable energy market.

 Linton Falls, prior to site works beginning  Archimedean screw installation  Progress on site

We have been involved in many renewable schemes to date, including hydropower project development, 'run of river' schemes, clean water and wastewater screw generators, as well as turbine refurbishment and turbine decommissioning.

The Linton Falls project involved the restoration of a 100-year old turbine house (now a Scheduled Monument) and the installation of two Archimedean Screws that produce 500,000kWh per annum - the equivalent to the average energy use per year of 90 family homes. 

The power is supplied back to the National Grid, and saves the environment 216 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, when compared to fossil fuel generation.

 Progress on site at Linton Falls  

Together with installing Archimedean screws, we were also challenged with reconstructing the original turbine house to as close as possible to the original design, and had to manage a number of environmental issues on site, including the presence of fine lined pea mussels, white clawed crayfish, and bats.

During the planning and development stages of the project we worked closely with stakeholders such as English Heritage, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and the Local Planning Authority to perfect plans to restore the building in the correct, and sympathetic manner. 

The project has been faithful in reinstating not only the building's original design and structure, but also its purpose as a hydropower plant.

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