Objectives and Targets

2015 saw a strong and successful focus on improved measurement of our environmental impact and identification of areas where we have the most opportunity to make a positive impact. 

Our environmental targets - with recent results - are as described below:

Key Issue 1: Waste Management

- Maintain a diversion of over 95% of office and site waste from landfill (by recycling and reusing).

- Monitor waste generation against turnover.

Key Issue 2: Resource Use

- Benchmark water consumption in owned and operated offices by the end of 2016 and potable water consumption on site by the end of 2017.

Key Issue 3: Releases to Air, Land and Water

- 0 EA Category 1/Category 2 environmental incidents.

- Increase current incident reporting levels in 2016 (from a record number of 2543 reported in 2015, up from 1682 in 2014).

Key Issue 4: Release to Air (Carbon)

- Continue to reduce average g/km of CO2 of cars in company fleet from (therefore reducing levels of CO2e to air). Year-on-year improvement required.

- Continue to improve pre-requisites of lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions from company car fleet year-on-year.

- By the end of 2016, reduce the tonnes of CO2e produced per 100,000 turnover, from the current level.

- Improve normalised carbon emission rates.

Business travel:

- Continue to promote business travel car sharing for 100% of monthly paid employees.

Key Issue 5: Ecological Impact

- 0% net loss of diversity for all projects upon completion.

- Biodiversity enhancement where practicable.

- 0 EA Category 1/Category 2 environmental incidents.

These objectives and targets are under constant review.