Top Subcontractors

In 2015 we conducted 2,020 Performance Reports on supplier orders - a slight increase on the number of reports conducted in 2014.

The average score for suppliers in 2015 was 1.96 and for the sixth year running the percentage of suppliers who scored better than good (a mark of 2) was greater than 50%, although this result is slightly down on 2014.

We have continued with the category system introduced in 2012 under which all our subcontractors are listed each year

To compile our league table, as in previous years, our project teams apply a simple weighted scoring system to every completed order against a set of categories to calculate an overall performance score with 1.0 being the maximum score. (1.0=excellent performance, 2.75=satisfactory performance, 5.0=poor). The performance scoring criteria examine a number of aspects of all subcontractors to measure their competencies across various areas, from health and safety to innovation and design.

Our subcontract suppliers are put into three categories (listed below) rather than the top 25 subcontractors only being recognised. The three categories are:

  • below average (above acceptable)
  • better than good
  • top 25%

Once the annual report has been compiled and all the performance report data has been collated each supplier is compared and ranked into one of these categories.

This ranking system means we are able to communicate more effectively with all our suppliers to create better working relationships to improve future performance.

All our subcontract suppliers receive a communication from JN Bentley outlining their annual Performance Report score which includes recognition for their performance efforts and hard work, as well as some level of constructive feedback to help lower performing suppliers improve their future operations.

We are delighted to have sent out signed certificates to 79 of our subcontract suppliers in 2014, recognising their outstanding work with regards to their performance. This certificate outlines the importance of our performance criteria to both our business and clients to maintain efficient working relationships.

Here's a list of the top 25% of suppliers for 2015:


A1 Environmental Services Ltd


Adept Security Systems Limited

Adien Limited

Alfred Bagnall & Sons (North) Ltd

Atlantic Geomatics

Atomally Landscaping & Design

Balmoral Industrial Tanks

Bauer Technologies Limited

BOSA Contracts Limited

Brettex Site Services Ltd

British Gas New Heating Ltd

C Richards

Clark Mulhern Construction

Craven Forestry Ltd

Dimewest Engineering Ltd

DNS (Midlands) Limited

Drains UK 2000 

Drake Towage Ltd

East Lancashire Refrigeration

EMS Industries Limited

Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd

G Clarke Landscaping Ltd

G M Piling Limited

G Stow PLC Goodwin Tanks Ltd

Gowland and Dawson LTD

Grand Engineering Limited

HCS Drain Services Ltd

Hesselberg Hydro 1991 Ltd

Incontrol Limited INTELECT (UK) LIMITED

Jade Insulation Ltd

JHT fabrication Ltd

Joseph Gallagher Ltd T/A

Johnston Trenchless Solutions


Kilbride Industrial Services Limited  

Landscope Engineering ltd

Leada Engineering Ltd

Lincolnshire Drainage Co Ltd

M & C Fitton

Mantank Environmental Services Limited


Merlin Systems Limited

Millennium SecurityLimited

Nailsworth Services Ltd

NML (Diamond Drilling) Ltd

Offa Fix Formwork Ltd

Owen Pugh Contracts Limited

Planned Maintenance (Pennine) Ltd

PLM Dollar Group Limited T/A

PDG Helicopters

Power Quality Management Ltd

Protocol Control Systems Ltd

Quantum Engineering Developments Ltd

R & B Electrical & Renewables LTD

Rotamat Limited T/A Huber Technology

RSG Structures Ltd RSK Environment Ltd Safeway Scaffolding Limited


T Clarke North West Ltd

Technical Control Systems Ltd

Torishima (Europe) Projects Limited

TPS Consult Limited

Trueflow Surveys Ltd

Tubes Scaffolding Ltd

Underwater Vision ROV Specilists Ltd


Van Elle Ltd

W Marley Agricultural Contractors Ltd

Watsons Electrical Ltd

Workform UK LtdT/A Howick Forge