Career Change


The construction industry is both the UK's biggest employer and its biggest exporter:  It employs over 2 million people - around 7% of the total UK workforce.  

The industry needs new recruits every year and, to achieve its target of a fully qualified workforce, it needs to qualify workers each year to QCF 2 standard.

Like all construction companies, we are facing the possibility of a skills shortage at every level.  To overcome this potential problem we have a number of new entrant training programmes specifically aimed at people who are new to the industry. 

We provide a challenging working environment and a career that starts with bespoke training and experience to qualify new entrants up to the relevant standard. (JN Bentley's training scheme is approved by the Institution of Civil Engineers.) 

If you're looking for a career change and you're interested in working for JN Bentley, please click on the below links to view our opportunities and apply for those that interest you, including "career change" as a subject line, and outlining what you feel you can bring to the company.