In so many companies the basic concept of delivering good customer service can be overlooked in their drive to satisfy shareholders.  But this is not the case with us.  We may have a turnover in excess of £120m, but we’re still a family owned and operated business, and this culture still radiates throughout the company - in both our values and business operations. 

In fact we believe much of our success and repeat business comes from our culture of traditional values and our commitment to providing excellent customer service.

As a large employer working in an industry that inevitably impacts on many people, we recognise that we have a number of responsibilities in addition to simply turning a profit.  It’s obvious that clients want their projects completed on brief, on time and on budget and that suppliers want reasonable lead times and to be paid on time.  But we also know that they will consider a range of other factors when choosing who to work with.

So when it comes to our Operations we go over and above the basics and why we think we should bhe first choice.  

Team Work

We not only work closely with our clients, but we’re also keen to work alongside other contracting companies they may have appointed to complete other elements of the project.  We find that working closely together in this way makes life much easier for the client’s contract management team and helps the project to run smoothly through to completion.

Looking after our people

We believe that if we look after our people, they will be happy in what they do and will be committed to the company.  Many of our employees have worked for us for a long time – some have been with us since the company was established in 1972.  So in offering an attractive and challenging environment with health and safety a top priority, we must be doing something right.  


One of the things that often sets us apart from our competitors is that a large proportion of our workforce is directly employed.  This gives us much greater control over the quality of our work.  We pride ourselves on having a talented in-house team that can deliver the best solutions for our clients’ requirements.