H&S Initiatives

Safety Seminars

Every year the company takes all employees out of their workplace for half a day to reinforce and remind people of our commitment to health and safety. 

Directors and Senior Managers provide feedback on our progress towards zero injuries, present information on initiatives designed to help us further our journey and provide information on key areas for improvement.    Key subcontract suppliers are also invited to similar seminars on an annual basis.

E-S-O Events 

Every Director and General Manager attends at least one 'E-S-O Event' (Engineering Sustainable Outcomes Event) every six months.  These sessions are facilitated by a QES adviser and involve a walk around site with informal discussions about safe and unsafe behaviour.

This is followed by a more formal consultation with everyone on site covering all aspects of health and safety, good and bad.  Notes are taken and, where appropriate, specific actions are taken away to resolve issues. 

In all cases the Senior Manager present writes a follow up letter to all attendees to thank them for their input and to confirm the points raised and actions to be completed.

Behaviour Based Safety Programme

All employees are encouraged to consider the associated hazards of upcoming work activities and agree the essential safety behaviours.

Everyone is invited to discuss their experiences, recommend changes and challenge colleagues who donít follow the agreed standard.

Daily Briefings

One of our 10 Golden Rules requires a briefing to be held every day before work commences. 

The purpose of these briefings is to provide a forum for feeding back on good performance and areas for improvement as well as ensuring that everyone is aware of activities taking place around the site. 

During these sessions, workers are encouraged to raise concerns and suggest ideas for improvement.

Institute of Advanced Motorists

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is the UK's leading road safety organisation which provides advanced driver training and tests to an internationally recognised standard.

As an incentive to improve their road safety awareness skills, our QES team will refund the fee for any employee going through the Institute's Skill for Life training programme.