Golden Rules

Our 10 Golden Rules, one of the most successful elements of our Safety Strategy, set out the basic standards that we expect everyone on our sites to meet, including employees, suppliers and any other visitors - including delivery drivers and clients.

Everyone is responsible for making sure that our 10 Golden Rules are followed and if anyone sees someone breaking the rules, they're expected to challenge them straight away and report the incident to a member of the site management team.

Much of the work we have done in the past few years has focussed on trying to move towards an interdependent culture where everyone looks out for each other.  There continues to be a significant year-on-year increase in near miss reporting an excellent indicator of an ever-improving safety culture. 

What is a Golden Rule?

A Golden Rule is simply a standard that the company does not expect colleagues, suppliers or subcontractors to fall below for any reason whatsoever. We have chosen ten Golden Rules to make them easy to remember.

What is the consequence of non-compliance?

Anyone caught breaking a rule should expect to be challenged.  If they don't have a good reason for breaking the rule, or it's felt that they have a poor attitude towards them, they may face disciplinary action (if employed by the company) or be told to leave site (in the case of visitors).

Suppliers, subcontractors and delivery drivers who keep disregarding our rules may be barred from site and struck off our approved supplier list.

Who will enforce the rules?

Everyone is responsible for making sure that the 10 Golden Rules are followed.