Zero Injuries

Many companies set themselves year on year targets to reduce their workplace injuries.  This may sound like a reasonable approach, but we believe that to set a target to reduce the number of people injured at work suggests that having some injuries is acceptable up to a point. 

We donít think that this is a constructive approach to tackling health and safety issues and believe that we should be trying to prevent all workplace injuries.  We continue to place our zero injuries target at the centre of our Health and Safety Strategy. 

This objective is sometimes met with initial scepticism.  But we overcome this by explaining that we believe, with good management and everyoneís involvement, that all incidents are preventable.  It naturally follows therefore that a zero injuries target is an achievable goal.

We believe that the biggest health and safety risk of all is complacency.  So, since we set ourselves this vision of an injury free workplace, we have continually reinforced how important it is for all our employees and subcontractors to be involved in health and safety. 

By learning from any mistakes made we can prevent them from happening again.  Once is unacceptable, but forgivable, twice is unforgivable.  So the overall message we give to our people is simple:  "If I canít do it safely, I will not do it".