H&S Policy

 “Our Company safety vision is to achieve ZERO injuries and ZERO instances of work related ill health.”

This is underpinned by a fundamental belief that all workplace injuries and instances of occupational ill-health are preventable and that good health and safety management is good business. We will not carry out work activities unless we can do them safely. The Operational Boards of JN Bentley Ltd (JNB) Mott MacDonald Bentley Ltd (MMB) and JBA Bentley Ltd (JBAB) accept the moral and legal responsibility for the health and safety of employees and other parties who may be directly affected by the Company’s operations.  The Company regards the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.

To support this statement, in 2016/17 JNB,  MMB and JBAB will:

  • Continue to monitor compliance with its Integrated QES Management System (IMS) and supporting documents including Operational Safety Standards via inspection and audit.
  • Review the Safety Strategy and implement agreed revisions, including key documents and associated goals.
  • Review, develop and implement Occupational health and safety related training for selected employees.
  • Continue to improve the quality consistency and outcomes of incident investigations
  • Drive and support the Health & Safety cultural development of our suppliers.
  • Seek opportunities to raise the profile of occupational health and understand the potential impact of our operations, including the development of an Occupational Health Operational Standard.
  • Review incident investigation training and retrain selected employees to increase the effectiveness of investigations.
  • Review the Personal Safety Responsibilities of all employees.
  • Augment Senior Manager Health and Safety awareness with the provision of bespoke & accredited Health & Safety training. 


The JNB Engineering Director, assisted by the JNB QES Manager will: 

  • Monitor compliance with this Occupational Health and Safety Policy and associated elements of IMS;
  • Ensure the outcome of investigations into health and safety incidents and near misses are appropriately communicated so as to prevent recurrence.
  • Continue to report on the effectiveness of Health & Safety Strategy and where appropriate make recommendations for improvement and culture change.
All JNB, MM and JBA Employees working on JNB, MMB or JBAB projects will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and safety, the health and safety of their team and of their colleagues. 

JNB, MMB and JBAB will: 

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, taking account of the legal and other requirements to which the organisations subscribe relating to OH&S hazards.
  • Use risk assessment and control measure implementation to ensure that the health and safety of employees, other contractors, occupiers of premises and members of the public are not adversely affected by work operations.
  • Operate and maintain an Integrated QES Management System that accords with the requirements of OHSAS18001:2007, maintaining third party certification to that standard.
  • Ensure all employees and subcontracted personnel are sufficiently trained, experienced and, where applicable, supervised to a standard sufficient to be able to demonstrate competent health and safety management.
  • Monitor compliance via periodic QES Inspections, compliance audits and recorded behavioural discussions. Compliance will be reviewed at Operational Board meetings and at the annual management review.
  • Take corrective actions where deficiencies are highlighted, including requiring individuals to accept personal responsibility as appropriate.
  • Provide a framework from the annual management review for setting & reviewing OH&S objectives. 

Paul Bentley

July 2016